DEMOLITION High-flow automatic pressure intensifiers

The demolition sector is one that today has major advantages from the innovation introduced by ICOP HYDRAULICS new products.
Hydraulic cylinders, applied to demolition crushers, have always been subject to strong loads and pressure peaks.

The sudden failures of demolished material and the strain generated by the arm of the operating machine cause frequent breakages and untimely losses on hydraulic cylinders.

ICOP HYDRAULICS has inserted new productive technologies and material treatments that ensure hydraulic cylinder durability, reducing machine downtime.
In addition to these advantages, we have developed new high-flow automatic pressure intensifiers, able to increase the performance of the crushers to which they are applied.

On this particular intensifier, the intensity and speed of the pressure peak has increased in the multiplying phase (850 bar peak with a further 700 bar of static pressure); this feature facilitates the structural failure of the materials in the demolition phase.
Using pressure intensifiers, besides making the machine out-perform in the demolition phase, allows diameter reduction of the cylinders with a consequent weight reduction and working arm increase of the operating machine.


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