ICOP HYDRAULICS To achieve perfection in designing and building systems and hydraulic cylinders, it is essential to concentrate on each product detail


ICOP HYDRAULICS is a private owned manufactoring company, located in northern Italy in the city of Piacenza. The company was established in 1978 with the purpose of integrating, improving and innovating the technical skills of its founder and current chairman Mr Giovanni Leccacorvi.


Over 30 years of business and constant effort in supplying customers with an efficient product have contributed in impressing the character and the personality of the company, well known for the professionalism and reliability of the staff within the company.


The in-depth knowledge in the functioning of hydraulic presses has allowed the company to concentrate on the design and construction of one of the most important parts of these machines: the hydraulic cylinders.
Over the years ICOP HYDRAULICS has introduced a new production line of automatic machines for processing of diamond industrial tools.
The company works in highly innovated factories with 3000 square meter covered areas according to the quality requisites required by the ISO 9001:2000 certification, issued by RINA


ICOP HYDRAULICS is located in an area where there are many universities, able to prepare highly qualified workers.
The company carries out a role of essential importance for numerous companies in the naval, military, drilling, mining, lifting, construction, earthmoving, ferrous material recovery, iron and steel, industry and automation industries that search for components and hydraulic cylinders that perfectly meet their expectations.


Its supplier network is integrated in the most important Italian industrial district of machine tool producers.
The aim of ICOP HYDRAULICS is to differentiate itself from average producers: for this reason, it entrusts its growth in hydraulic cylinders, able to develop superior performance compared to the competition.


Thanks to combining double acting automatic pressure intensifiers, its customers can create higher performing machines with reduced environmental impact and running costs.

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